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Hadley Junior High School
240 Hawthorne Blvd 
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 
Phone: 630-790-6450 | Fax: 630-790-6469
Steve Diveley - Principal --- Email
Jill Amrhein - Assistant Principal --- Email
Bob Guzzetti - Assistant Principal --- Email
Terry Finnerty - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Holly Stropes - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Colleen Costello - Administrative Assistant --- Email
Ken Kotovsky - Administrative Assistant --- Email

Google Classroom Google Classroom will be the main means of communication for teachers, students, and parents. This brief tutorial will show how you can access your child's account. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Chris Abbott at cabbott@d41.org

Teacher webpages may not be updated regularly now that we have moved to Google Classroom.

Contact Last Name First Name Team Position Website
mbruns@d41.org Bruns Matt 6 Special Ed

6 Social Studies
jchmelik@d41.org Chmelik Jeanne 6 Math
jhaycraft@d41.org  Haycraft James 6 Math  
rbollinger@d41.org Bollinger Robin 6 Math/Social Studies

chagerty@d41.org Hagerty Cheryl 8 Literacy
jtimperley@d41.org Timperley Joy 6 Literacy
tbulster@d41.org  Bulster Tim 6 Literacy  
hshumate@d41.org  Shumate Hillary 6 Literacy
ssostarics@d41.org Sostarics Stephanie 6 Science
ewelsh@d41.org Welsh Emmah 6 Counselor www.d41.org
cfitch@d41.org Fitch Cheryl 7 Science
khodges@d41.org Hodges Karen 6 Literacy
tbooth@d41.org Booth Tina 7 Literacy
sdunham@d41.org Dunham Sharon 7 Counselor www.d41.org
edangelo@d41.org D’Angelo Elizabeth 7 Literacy
mkuczora@d41.org Kuczora Megan 7 Literacy
dsbarra@d41.org Sbarra Dina 7 Science
talofgre@d41.org Lofgren Tim 6 Social Studies
learnest@d41.org Earnest Lisa 7 Social Studies
cmccluskey@d41.org McCluskey Charles 8 Social Studies
cvogelsanger@d41.org Vogelsanger Courtney 8 Literacy
tguerrieri@d41.org Guerrieri Tracy 7 Science
bleadaman@d41.org Leadaman Brian 7 Social Studies
dcapenigro@d41.org Capenigro Denise 7 Literacy
kthomas@d41.org Thomas Kari 7 Literacy
bcooper@d41.org Cooper Brett 8 Literacy
pjurczak@d41.org Jurczak Patricia 8 Literacy
mgiovingo@d41.org Giovingo Marc 7 Social Studies docs.google.com
jpower@d41.org Power Jennifer 6 Literacy
akane@d41.org Kane Annie Multiteam PBL Coach

swiemeler@d41.org Wiemeler Steven 6 Science
mpoleski@d41.org Poleski Mindy 6/8 Foreign Language  
bbonkowski@d41.org Bonkowski Brian Multiteam Foreign Language

atannenbaum@d41.org Tannenbaum Ali 8 Literacy tannenbaumclass.weebly.com
hheskin@d41.org Heskin Heather 8 Social Studies
tcarmichael@d41.org Carmichael Tyler 8 Math
kbaumgartner@d41.org Baumgartner Katelyn 8 Science
fmodica@d41.org Modica Frank 6 Science/Social Studies
ksieck@d41.org Sieck Kyle 8 Counselor www.d41.org
aberg@d41.org Berg Anne 6 Math
jdomabyl@d41.org Domabyl Joe 7 Math
akhan@d41.org  Khan Aisha 7 Math  
jhecker@d41.org Hecker Jennifer 6 Math
kkardas@d41.org Kardas Kelly 6 Math
gkunkel@d41.org Kunkel Gia Multiteam Math Coach

pluczak@d41.org Luczak Paul 8 Math mrluczak.weebly.com
  kluehrs@d41.org Luehrs Katie Multiteam ESL
dwasserman@d41.org Wasserman Debra 7 Math
landerso@d41.org Anderson Linda Multiteam Art www.d41arteacher.org
kcrum@d41.org Crum Karen Multiteam Family Consumer Sci. kcrum.weebly.com
hbeaman@d41.org Beaman Heather 7 Special Education beaman-resource.weebly.com
lcalvo@d41.org Calvo Linda 8 Math
bewoldt@d41.org Ewoldt Beth 8 Special Education
mmarinello@d41.org Marinello Michelle Multiteam Health hadleyhealth.weebly.com
jolzen@d41.org Olzen John 8 Science
aritter@d41.org  Ritter Allison  8 Science  
klewis@d41.org Lewis Kelly Multiteam Technology Education kmlewis.weebly.com
ftomaszk@d41.org Tomaszkiewicz Frank Multiteam Art Technology hadleyarttechnology.weebly.com
kmontesdeoca@d41.org Montes De Oca Karla 7/8 Foreign Language
 ctracey@d41.org Tracey Caitlin 6/7 Foreign Language/Reading  
hrosenwinkel@d41.org Rosenwinkel Heather 7/8 Foreign Language
sdixon@d41.org Dixon Scott Multiteam PE hadleype.weebly.com
elee@d41.org Lee Liz Multiteam PE hadleype.weebly.com
smaher@d41.org Maher Sarah Multiteam Health hadleyhealth.weebly.com

Multiteam Health - Nurse  
jodom@d41.org Odom Julie Multiteam PE hadleype.weebly.com
sszajkov@d41.org Szajkovics Sam Multiteam PE hadleype.weebly.com/
dwinkelmann@d41.org Winkelmann Derek Multiteam PE  
jdepalo@d41.org DePalo James Multiteam Music - Concert/Jazz hadleybands.weebly.com
pmarchese@d41.org Marchese Paul Multiteam Music - Vocal pmarchese.weebly.com
stribley@d41.org Tribley Samantha Multiteam Music - Band hadleybands.weebly.com
galemis@d41.org Alemis Georgia Multiteam Music - Orchestra Dir. www.d41orchestra.org
kfalco@d41.org Falco Katie 7 Special Ed
lmijal@d41.org Mijal Linda 6 Special Ed
rgidley@d41.org Gidley Ryan Multiteam Special Ed
 mlockett@d41.org Lockett Megan Multiteam Special Ed  
cabbott@d41.org Abbott Chris Multiteam Digital Literacy Specialist destiny41.org
mmasny@d41.org  Masny Michelle Multiteam Literacy Specialist
nbrown@d41.org Brown Nathaniel 7
Literacy/Social Studies

  abrand@d41.org Brand Allison Multiteam Student Services
hhann@d41.org Hann Heidi Multiteam Gifted Services heidihann.weebly.com
rschoening@d41.org Schoening Rose Multiteam Health - Nurse www.d41.org/domain/340
abhamani@d41.org  Bhamani Alysha Multiteam Health - Nurse www.d41.org/domain/340
  kgrieger@d41.org Grieger Karen Multiteam Social Worker hadleysocialworkers.weebly.com
  mkosinski@d41.org Kosinski Mariola Multiteam Social Worker hadleysocialworkers.weebly.com
adettmer@d41.org Dettmer Alexis Multiteam Speech-Language Pathologist hadleyspeechlanguage.weebly.com
bperez@d41.org Perez Becky Multiteam Psychologist  
mgrande@d41.org Grande Mary Multiteam Psychologist  
tshea@d41.org Shea Teresa Multiteam ESL  
mkulik@d41.org Kulik Mayra 8 Special Ed
mparrish@d41.org Parrish Marilyn   Tech support  

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